Come and stay in our hunting lodge to experience the calm of the nature, far away from the stress of the city. Hike on the meadows that are kept open through pasturing and mowing. Enjoy the wild orchids growing on the lime rich land. Pole out on lake Tåkern to angle perch or take a canoe and paddle in the reeds and canals. Staying in the hunting lodge, you are right in the middle of the alive and buoyant birdlife. By the lodge, mother nature herself is the entertainment; there is no TV, nor radio. The murmuring reeds and the intensive sound of birdsong creates an impressive scenery inspiring the generation of new thoughts and ideas.

By the side of the visiting areas on the lake, there are several hiking trails and birdwatching towers and more than a few opportunities to go on guided tours. At Naturum the beginning of Princess Estelle’s fairytale path is found, an exciting experience for children. For an up-to date program and more information, please visit You can furthermore experience the exciting cultural landscape located closely to the lake, including mythical Mount Omberg, the rune stone Rökstenen, Alvastra Abbey and all medieval churches.  The picturesque village Vadstena, on the banks of lake Vättern, is only a short bike ride away.